When was Postgres born?

It is very difficult to pin down the date when Postgres (a.k.a PostgreSQL) project was born. If you look at the official history on the Postgres website, you’d see a few years mentioned, as early as the year 1986, but no specific dates.

Unofficial Birth Timestamp of Postgres

If we go by the timestamp of the first commit in Postgres code repository, the project was started at ‘Tue Jul 9 06:22:35 1996 +0000’. Going by that date, today the Postgres project turns 25 years old.

$ psql -c "select age(now(), 'Tue Jul 9 06:22:35 1996 +0000')"
 24 years 11 mons 30 days 22:39:46.830704
(1 row)

Oh, it’s so close…

Don’t be like this


If you haven’t been following the progress of the Postgres project, I implore you to do so now (see below). The future of the Postgres project is very bright. Its feature set has been growing steadily, while retaining its legendary commitment to stability and correctness.

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