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my first attempt to own a virtual den

Blessed this Planet on :- 05/05/1979
Passions :- One of them is in front of you(Computer)
              {can call it an obsession too}
            Denim{Jeans especially}
My Favourites :-
                Woman : My Mom
                Food : Aalu/gobhi de Paranthe{of course made by my Mom}
                Drink : Coke
                College Site : GndecBidar.org
                Mail Site : Netaddress.com{usa.net}
                Search Site : Lycos.com
                Chat Site : Mail.Yahoo.com

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You can contact me here [email protected]

And now here's the fine print
Hey guys!Know what?I'm learning HTML from a book now.So,soon you can expect to see a very trendy page here instead of this one

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