Gurjeet Singh is a Database Internals Engineer, and a Database Architect with over 20 years of experience. In addition to his experience of over 20 years of database internals development, Gurjeet has helped Postgres customers in a wide variety of ways, such as architectural health checks, training, replication setup, and development of customized solutions.

Gurjeet is an active member of the Postgres community and has contributed various features and bug-fixes, like discovering and fixing security vulnerability (CVE-2009-4136), fixing a Windows-specific race condition in logging subsystem, and the feature to re-index primary keys. At EnterpriseDB, Gurjeet had led the development of Index Advisor, Query Optimizer Hints, and Postgres Enterprise Manager's Alerting subsystem.

Gurjeet Singh has held Software Engineering roles at Amazon Web Services, GE Digital, EnterpriseDB, Oracle, and others. He holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing, and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.